Our Staff Reporter re-creates some of the front pages, stories and opinion pieces from the newspapers of Ursa's World.

* See how the press tells the story of Ursa's conquest of Earth through journalists' reports of the fultile attempts of our armies and authorities to resist her unstoppable powers!

* Read the editorials and commentaries written in helpless response as an entire planet is subjugated by an unopposable Kryptonian Goddess!

* Get the inside scoop on a whole world helplessly overpowered by a solitary, unarmed woman from the stars!

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Section 1: The Front Pages


When I was invited to compile this collection of front-pages and writings from the newspapers of Ursa's World, I immediately accepted the challenge. It was only later, as I sobered up, that I realised the enormity of the task facing me. Nonetheless, I set to work digging through the archives. In more than one case, I really did have to dig through to the archives, as the offices of several of the publications featured in this collection had been reduced to rubble by Ursa.

Obviously, The Daily Planet features heavily in this work, but I have also included publications from all over the States as well as England to reflect the global nature of Ursa's conquest. Due to the sheer scale of destruction wreaked on the planet by the Goddess from Krypton, a number of headlines and articles that might have been featured were unavailable at the time of writing. If any of these can be found and submitted by anyone reading this, I will endeavor to include them in future editions.

For the reader's convenience, I have gathered all the front page reproductions at the beginning of this work. You will find reprints of reports and opinion pieces in the second section.


Staff Reporter.



Section 1: The Front Pages


The famous Daily Planet cover the morning after Ursa's attack on the White House.

Three days later, The Daily Planet carries news of heavy defeats for the world's major military forces. The right-hand column describes how twenty buildings all across Earth, hosting the planet's biggest stock-trading centers, were destroyed from the air inside fifteen minutes by Ursa's lasers with catastrophic results after she overheard a panicking banker reveal their importance to the global economy. The bottom of the page carries an opinion piece by a famous philosopher who remarks that this is the first time the Human race has faced an enemy that has no identifiable vulnerability and that there does not appear to be anything in our culture, science, history or instinct that can help us.

The same events reported in the London-based broadsheet The Sentinel.

Meanwhile, British tabloid The Reflector breaks the news that the country's television infrastructure was destroyed when hundreds of steel transmitter towers were melted to the ground after several rival channels linked up to broadcast messages of resistance.

The Daily Planet reveals the whole world's shock at the failure of what was known as Operation Big Boy. The ten-megaton blast caused horrendous damage over a twemty-mile radius but failed to scratch Ursa at point-blank range. The front page also covers Ursa's command that a solid gold, one hundred foot tall statue be built of her in punishment for the failed assassination attempt. There is also news of the devastation in Italy when Ursa responded to a mass protest by blowing an entire city, including buildings, protesters and innocent inhabitants into the sea.

Mid-market English paper The Daily Grail voices its readers' fears that the world would never be the same. A few hours after publication, the newspaper's offices were torn from their foundations. The building is believed to still be in orbit.

A month after Ursa's arrival, The Daily Planet, in common with every other newspaper on Earth, is forced to publish a statement mocking mankind: "Puny Earth males don't even try to resist me anymore. They're so pathetic they bore me. I've killed millions of them and they have not so much as singed one of my hairs. Can't they come up with a weapon that can even tickle me? The greatest amongst them bows and scrapes at the mere mention of my name. They are not worth keeping as pets. They are so easy to kill, and yet it is sometimes hardly worth the effort to end their lives because they are so insignificant, it makes barely any difference to me whether they are alive or not. They are beneath my contempt."

In London, centuries-old The Hour has no choice but to reproduce the exact same words.

At the grand unveiling of her golden statue in the Big Apple, Ursa unleashes the power of her lasers to cure her boredom.